From Tradition comes Technology

Based on sound traditional survey methods from over 30 years in the industry we now utilise the very latest 3d technology to capture and process the survey data. The team at Castle Keep Surveys offers a fast and accurate 3D laser scanning service to clients both local and national. We offer a host of deliverables, ranging from a raw point clouds through to a Revit model.

What Is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D Laser scanning is the fast acquisition of measured 3D coordinated (xyz) point data by utilising a 3D Laser Scanner to digitally scan an object to create a point cloud.

What Are Its Uses?

The main uses of 3D laser scanning tend to be construction- and engineering-based applications. However, it can also be used in a wide variety of sectors, including:

  • BIM - Building Information Modelling 
  • Surface Deformation – Buildings/ Structures 
  • Environment – Erosion/ Movement 
  • Pipework and Process 
  • Architectural Surveys

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The Kit


Trimbles flagship scanner is perfect for ranges upto 120m and can perform sub millimetre accuracy at a million point per second. Very fast, very accurate and very reliable!


New to the market, this crossover total station/ 3D scanner is the very pinnacle of modern surveying technology and it is great when you need a bit more range. It can scan accurately up to 500m and although slightly slower in the field than the TX8, we have been getting amazing results from it at close range and long distance

Revit Model

3D laser scanning and Revit models go hand in hand, and this is why we offer a full Revit modelling service to any level of detail specification.

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